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Matilda Bay Productions

Our name comes from Matilda Bay, the inner city lake found in Perth, Australia.

It was there that I first picked up a camera and made a video, and since then I have been refining my craft to make the best videos possible under the company banner.

We started in travel videography. Capturing tours, hotels and experiences around the world was an incredible amount of fun, but the wedding scene is where we found our true passion.

Creating elegant, cinematic videos that make you feel like you experiencing the day all over again has long been our goal. It's a high standard to set and one we believe we live up to.

We have made a number of friends across the multiple industries and we always like to collaborate to make engaging, worthwhile content with high quality equipment.

From 4K to drone shots to GoPros, our equipment allows us to push the boundaries of what people typically expect from a video and that really fuels our creativity.

Get in touch with us for any video needs, advice and support. Make sure you follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to stay up to date with our projects and content too.

If it isn't clear by now, making videos is our absolute passion.



Matilda Bay Productions

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